Cycle 21 Activity

The Solomon Islands national flag

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The Solomon Islands national flag

H44PT: My last operations as H44PT were March / April 2000

My First 6m QSO

Within 6 weeks of setting up home in Honiara I was on 6m. 6 watts from a Kenwood TV506 to a quad loop slung in a tree. This was VHF like I had never heard. 

My first QSO on 6m was with JA2TTO on 24th April 1979. This was the first of many thousands of JA QSOs.

Highlights of Cycle 21

Many highlights of cycle 21 can be found in the H44 50MHz Firsts Page and in the QSL Gallery but here are some more:

50MHz Awards from Cycle 21

Back in 1978 it was fairly obvious that it was going to take a long time to get DXCC on 6m from the SW Pacific. However, I did manage to collect a few obscure and not so obscure awards from H44 on 6m during Cycle 21. Click here.


G8BCG UKSMG Member # 1570

G8BCG / H44PT SMIRK Member # 4780

G8BCG UKSMG Member # 1570

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