The Solomon Islands national flag

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The Solomon Islands national flag

H44PT: My last operations as H44PT were March / April 2000

H44PT Y2K Logs

My complete logs for 6m and 10m are here:

H44PT 28MHz Log H44PT 50MHz Log

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A very big thank you to Gabriel EA6VQ for a  great logging programme VQlog and fantastic support.

Long Path QSOs on 6m

As noted in my expedition report, I had several fantastic Long Path QSOs with PY, LU and CX. The first was just 25,053km with Peter PY5CC. Then came LU2FFD @ 26,454km, 5 other LUs and CX2LI @ 26,229km. Take a look at the Great Circle maps by clicking on the icons. Why were there no other signals to be heard along this path? Was the path entirely non-terrestrial i.e. chordal hop??

PY5CC GG54RE 26,200km

LU6DRV GF05 24,500km CX2LI GF15 24.35Okm

G8BCG UKSMG Member # 1570

G8BCG / H44PT SMIRK Member # 4780

G8BCG UKSMG Member # 1570

 H44PT / G8BCG contact details: E-mail: Peter@h44pt.org.uk